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Pasatiempo is a golf club and residential area, north of the Santa Cruz city limits.


Name is Spanish for "pastime." The name was chosen by Marion Hollins, the promoter. Hollins was the 1921 U.S. Woman's Amateur Champion. She also played polo.

(Trivia: A house on Kite Hill Road, in Pasatiempo, has a street address of zero. Only four such addresses are known in California. In this case the house was built after an address of one was already assigned.)


The Back Nine Grill & Bar is the restaurant at the Inn at Pasatiempo. The Pasatiempo Golf Course was established in 1929, and features the MacKenzie Bar & Grill and the Hollins House, the latter of which has been used for weddings since it first opened in 1929.


* There are bus stops at the Inn at Pasatiempo and where Westwood Road and Graham Hill Road intersect. * SCMTD Route List by Destination

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