Redwood Naturals offers Raw, Gourmet Honey collected from the Pristine Redwood Forests of Bonny Doon, California

We are located on a remote, high elevation ridge, far from roads,  agriculture and all pollutants

Our Honey goes directly from Hive to jar making it: TOTALLY RAW, VIRGIN, UNHEATED & UNFILTERED

  • Bonny Doon is located on a high elevation ridge directly above the city of Santa Cruz, California
  • Our property is located over 2200 feet in elevation, creating a different effect on the types of nectar available and raw honey created
  • Our specialty is Raw Black Forest Honey also know as Raw Honeydew Honey or just Forest Honey
  • Forest Honey is not actually Black, it is the DEEPEST of REDS.  It is obtained from Redwood sap that drips inside woodpecker holes.  It is VERY RARE and only available when other pollen sources are scarce in the off season

Our Products:

All Varieties Are  100% RAW & VIRGIN and include: 

                          Black Forest (aka) Honeydew Honey  -Very rare

                          Red Forest (center bullseye of Black Honey Comb)

                          Forest Sage

                          Wild Blackberry

                          Naked Buckwheat

                          Mountain Wild Flower

We Also now have an abundance of Pure Beeswax which can be used for candle making, pool table installation, batik & book binding

Please Remember:  You should NEVER refrigerate Raw Honey,  honey stored in glass should never turn & should be stored at room temperature.  Some Raw Honeys will crystallize over time, mainly ones with higher sugar contents.  Just heat up the jar and it will return to normal.   

Black Forest, Honeydew Honey, Black Honey  will never crystallize due to its lower sugar content.

    *HONEY should not be given to infants under 12 Months Old 


Bonny Doon, CA  95060-xxxx
(831) 420-1100


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