On May 29, Right to Vote on Desal turned in 8,717 signed petitions to the city clerk at City Hall. Photo: May 2012.

Mission Statement

Faced with periodic droughts and a federal mandate to reduce our water diversion from area streams we need to take action to make our water supply more resilient. We can choose: Desalination: a highly expensive and energy intensive process for manufacturing fresh water from ocean water, or: Regional water transfers; innovative conservation measures, including rainwater and graywater systems; aquifer recharge; and keeping new development water neutral. Since this choice will affect our community for generations to come, we say, “Let the Voters Decide”.

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The Right to Vote on Desal Coalition gathered signatures in 2012 in order to put Measure P, the right to vote on the proposed desalination plant in Santa Cruz, on the November 2012 ballot. In addition to mandating a vote on the approval of the proposed plant, Measure P would prevent the city from going into bonded indebtedness in order to finance the project.

The Right to Vote on Desal Coalition spent several months in the beginning of 2012 collecting signatures to put the decision on whether to build a desalination plant in the City of Santa Cruz to the voters, and on May 29 they turned them in at City Hall. They collected 8,717 signatures in total, several thousand more than were required.

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