Rodeo Creek is about 4 miles long. It starts near 1750 North Rodeo Gulch Road and flows southward to empty into Corcoran Lagoon. Since the 1980's there has been a pump station on the creek. The creek supplies part of the municipal water. The stream is Rodeo Creek. The stream is in an arroyo named Rodeo Creek Gulch. Rodeo Creek is often dry in Summer. Where Soquel Avenue crosses Rodeo Creek.

History The rancho in the early days held a rodeo near the creek. This might be how the rancho and the creek were named.

Transportation Several bridges cross Rodeo Creek.


USGS map location for Rodeo Creek Gulch.

sequence Latitude(DEC) Longitude(DEC) Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map
1 36.9605064 -121.9841276 365738N 1215903W 246 Soquel
2 37.0385599 -121.9669044 370219N 1215801W 545 Laurel

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