Where the Boardwalk meets the San Lorenzo River

400 Beach Street
(On Santa Cruz Main Beach)
Varies depending on time of day and time of year;
See the Operation Schedule
Guest Services: (831) 423-5590
Recorded Information: (831) 426-7433
Admission is free, but rides and attractions cost extra
Santa Cruz Seaside Company
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The boardwalk is an amusement park that borders the Santa Cruz Main Beach and Monterey Bay. It is between the River Mouth of the San Lorenzo River and the Municipal Wharf. It is open every day Memorial Day through Labor Day, and on weekends during the spring and fall. (However, the Casino Arcade and Neptune's Kingdom are open year-round.)


The history of the developement of the boardwalk dates back to the 1800's. The first structure on the site was Neptune Casino, which was a bathhouse. The Natatorium, or the "Plunge" as it was also known, was a large pool filled with salt water that was heated for more comfortable use. At the time, bathing tourism was popular and the salt water of the Pacific ocean was thought to have healing and health-promoting qualities. The Natatorium operated from 1907 to 1963, until it was converted into a miniature golf course. Visible signs of the structure of the pool were still visible along the edges of the course. After being damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, the old mini-golf course was demolished, and the building was completely remodeled and became Neptune's Kingdom.



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