Note: The majority of this information was aquired from the year 2000 census report.


The estimated population, in 2003, was over 54,000.


The US Census only allows individuals to choose between two genders, male and female. However, Santa Cruz is known as a generally liberal and accepting environment for people who do not necessarily identify as male or female for whatever reason. Thus, there is cause to believe that there is a portion above the national average of people who identify as gender queer or "other."

49.8% identified as male (National average: 49.1%) 50.2% identified as female (National average: 50.9%)


Median age is 31.7 years (National average: 35.3 years)

4.9% are under 5 years (National average: 6.8%) 82.7% are between 18 years and 64 years (National average: 74.3%) 8.5% are 65 years and over (National average: 12.4%)


The census data pertaining to ethnicity and race may seem confusing, since the "hispanic/latina/o" categorization is organized apart from the other data.

Number of Races

95.5% of residents identify with only one racial group. (National average: 97.7%) 4.5% of residents identify with two or more racial groups. (National average: 2.4%)

Ethnic Breakdown

This is the ethnic breakdown of people who identify with only one racial group. Data is not available for those who identify with two or more groups.

78.7% of the population identify as white. (National average: 75.1%) 1.7% identify as Black or African American (National average: 12.3%) 0.9% identify as American Indian and Alaska Native (National average: 0.9%) 4.9% identify as Asian (National average: 3.6%) 0.1% identify as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (National average: .1%) 9.1% identify as another race or decline to state their race (National average: 5.5%)

Latina/Latino/Hispanic Designations

17.4% of the population identify as being latina, latino, or hispanic (National average: 12.5%)


The estimated median income per household is $50,605. (National average: $41,994)


89.1 percent of residents over age 25 have a high school diploma (or equivalent) or higher. (National average: 80.4%) 44.4 percent of residents over age 25 have a bachelor's degree or higher. (National average: 24.4%)