145 Laurel Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
Sunday-Thursday 10am - Midnight 
Friday-Saturday 10am-3:00am
Weekend Brunch 10:00 am- 4:00pm
(831) 429-8505
Cuisine Type
Vegetarian, Diners, Vegan 

The Saturn Cafe is a Santa Cruz landmark; everyone has to go there once. If you're a fan of dead animals, however, once may be enough. The entire menu is vegetarian and much of it is vegan. They do a good job with their ingredients, but neither your taste buds nor your wallet will mistake it for the real thing. The Chocolate Madness, of course, appeals to omnivores and herbivores alike.


The Saturn Cafe is circular, just like the rings of Saturn


The Saturn Cafe was previously located on Mission Street.

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2007-02-14 17:54:44   With the Space Cowboy burger and the Big Bang for dessert, you can do no wrong. —MaryLieth

2010-07-23 10:27:14   Ended up here visiting a friend (I'm a user from DavisWiki) almost a year ago and was impressed enough to remember well. My friend was almost an hour late and the staff was super nice about letting me hang out and I gawked at all the junk inside the tables. Super comfortable environment, even while nervously waiting to meet the crush of a lifetime. ;D As for the food, I'm horribly lactose intolerant and the vegan shakes were a big deal for me. I also had the Heavenly Benedict and it left my belly very full and happy all the way back to Davis. The hollandaise was spot-on and plentiful enough to smear on my potatoes, which I of course did with gusto. I'll definitely be back someday soon. If only we had something like that up here instead of that IHOP nonsense! —KBathory

2011-04-06 13:54:24   One of the most amazing places I have ever eaten. Their Jalapeno poppers are truly a work of art.

I love their homemade veggie burger patties. I always order a couple to go to take home to have later. I recommend trying the Jalapeno burger with the homemade patty on their whole wheat toast. So insanely good I have driven from Davis to Santa Cruz just to satisfy a craving for that. Pair it with their Turkish coffee shake, pure nirvana. —DanielleC