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Scotts Valley Drive begins where Mount Hermon Road, meets Whispering Pines Drive. Scotts Valley Drive goes northeast from there and continues about 3.5 miles to Sawyer Circle. All of Scotts Valley Drive is in the city of Scotts Valley, and within the ZIP code of 95066.


The street and the city get their name from the Valley that was mostly owned by a family named Scott. The reason the names do not have an apostrophe is because it is a plural and not possessive.


Scotts Valley Drive has long been the Central Business District of Scotts Valley. Borland International had their first address on Scotts Valley Drive. The Tree Circus had its first entrance on Scotts Valley Drive. Civic Center Drive which has city hall, and Scotts Valley Police is off of Scotts Valley Drive. Victor Square junctions with Scotts Valley Drive, and once led to Victor Computers.


Santa Cruz Metro Transit bus route 31 covers Scotts Valley Drive from Mount Hermon Road to Granite Creek Drive. The earliest schedule on Scotts Valley Drive is 7:22am.

With schools nearby and several employers, the traffic on Scotts Valley Drive is busy between 6:30am to 8am. Much of the 6:30am traffic are residents going to Highway 17. Noon is another busy time since there are more eating places on Mt. Hermon Road than Scotts Valley Drive. There is another rush starting about 4:30pm that extends to 6:30 pm and later for the winter shopping season.


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