Current Seagate logo.

4585 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
8am-5pm M-F
(831) 438-6550
Stephen J. Luczo, president
Payment Method
Credit card. (On web site.)

Shugart Technology was incorporated as a disc drive manufacturer by Al Shugart, Finis Conner, Doug Mahon, D. Tom Mitchell, and Syed Iftikar. According to Al Shugart, the name became Seagate Technology to closely match his name Shugart. Shugart was already the name of a disk maker.

Seagate has been a major employer in Scotts Valley as well as a major real estate presence. While one of the Seagate buildings is "Building 15" they do not have 15 buildings. The buildings get a number as they are used and keep them. Seagate also had a building 3.5. Seagate has offices and assembly plants around the world. Seagate moved the headquarters from Scotts Valley to 10200 S. De Anza Boulevard, Cupertino in 2011. As of 2012 The IT team and the motor group remain in Scotts Valley.

Originally, the manufacturing was done in Scotts Valley. It is now mostly done in Asia. There were several major lay-offs at Seagate in Scotts Valley. One popular joke in the 1990's, "What is the official pastry at Seagate?" Answer: "A turnover." "What is in it?" "Nuts in a jam."

Seagate Technology is the world's largest maker of computer hard drives.

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