Mission Statement
Secular humanism is a non-theistic, ethical approach to life. A basic
tenet of the SHSCC is promotion and protection of the separation of
Church and State, as enshrined in our Constitution. We believe that
the right of freedom from religion is as inherent and equal a right as
freedom of religion.
Over the last decade these principles have been under attack by the
forces of reaction and fundamentalism. There is much to be done, both
nationally and locally, to promote non-theistic perspectives on a wide
variety of issues.
Meets at the Santa Cruz Public Library
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(831) 338-2314
Executive Director
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Tax ID
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The Secular Humanists of Santa Cruz County (SHSCC) generally meet in conjunction with the Santa Cruz Atheists every second Saturday of each month at 2pm in the second floor meeting room of the Santa Cruz Public Library.

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