Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, or ΣΑΕΠ, is Santa Cruz' Jewish Interest Sorority. The sorority is generally referred to simply as Sigma or Sigma AEPi.

Sigma was founded at UCD in 1998. The core values of Sigma are Unity, Trust, Strength, Sincere Sisterhood, and Jewish Values. While Sigma upholds the values of Judaism, it is not an exclusive sorority. Women of all different religions and backgrounds are welcome to join. In fact, one out of every five members of Sigma is not Jewish. Sigma engages in many community service events and this year organized its first philanthropy event. The proceeds from their philanthropy events benefit Jewish Family Service.

Sigma is not a "national sorority" because they are not a member of the National Panhellenic Council. However, Sigma has its own national board and new chapters at Arizona State University, University of Minnesota, and UC Riverside as well as colonies and interest groups around the country.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi was filmed in Spring 2002 for the initial season of MTV's Sorority Life.

The fact that they include Alpha Epsilon Pi in their name is not a coincidence. When you read Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, think "Sisters of Alpha Epsilon Pi".

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