Band Members
Bob O'Neill (guitar/vocals)
Ron Fillmore - Drums
Guido Valverde
Past Members
Ken Kraft (guitar/vocals)
Brett Bloomfield (bass/vocals)
Jim Norris (drums)
Jack Register (bass/vocals)
Larry Hosford

Snail was originally formed in 1967 by Bob O'Neill, Ron Fillmore, and Dave Kibler. Ken Kraft joined in 1968, and among others to later join the band was Larry Hosford, who went on to be a honky tonk man over at Britannia Arms in Aptos, among other venues.

Legal issues in the 1980s limited Snail's output, though they did reuinite several times for well received concerts.

In the Spring of 2009 the band reunited. Bob O'Neill and Ron Fillmore, along with Guy (Guido) Valverde started playing the circuit again. If you get the chance check them out. They still ROCK!!!!!

Live Shows


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