223 State Park Drive, Aptos, CA 95003-4323
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(831) 688-4747
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Sno-White Drive In. It was a chain that started in Stockton during the 1950's. By the late '60's it had about 200 stores. (There was one in Aptos, two in Santa Cruz, and another outside Santa's Village in Scotts Valley.) With a few variations, they all had the sign like the Aptos location. No one seems to remember what happened to the company that helped create so many independent stores. In 2006 about 15 drive-ins, in California still used the Sno-White name. I say "about" because some are not part of the original chain —the name cannot be trademarked. Many of the buildings have changed owners, menus, and names. One in San Jose now specializes in falafels. In Antioch a former Sno-White is now a taqueria. The web domain sno-white.com is owned by a Sno-White Drive-THRU in Fresno.

The Sno-White Drive-In in Aptos (the last in Santa Cruz County) is actually listed in the AT&T phone book and the Valley Yellow pages as "SnoW-White" Drive-In.

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