Soquel San Jose Road runs south to north between Paper Mill Road in Soquel, to Summit Road.  Soquel San Jose Road gets the name because it was the road to San Jose from Soquel.  It starts at Paper Mill Road in Soquel, the first address is Soquel High School at 401 Soquel San Jose Road. It begins at 401, because the address is where the entrance is located. If the entrance were at the parking lot trail to the Quik Stop, the high school address would have a lower number. The road continues north until Summit Road. (About 12 miles.)

Sign on Summit Road showing Soquel San Jose Road.

Old San Jose Road

Soquel San Jose Road is also listed as Old San Jose Road on many maps. That is the old name for the road. Some properties still list the address as Old San Jose Road. As of 2011 the web sites for Soquel High School and the county web site for Anna Jean Cummings County Park still list the address as being on Old San Jose Road.

Porter Street connects Soquel San Jose Road to Soquel Drive in Soquel. The name Porter Street continues to the Highway One overpass and becomes Bay Avenue in Capitola. Bay Avenue ends at Monterey Avenue.


There are no Bike lanes after Mountain School. The Road is unlit most of the way, and it becomes a steep incline.

Public Transportation

Route 60 has been discontinued to this area. No bus service.


Major Intersections



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2011-04-21 19:28:33   When and why did they rename the road? —

2011-04-22 23:59:09   Why and exactly when, the name changed, I cannot discover. I have found it on a Compass Map dated 1983 as Soquel-San Jose Road. It was Old San Jose Road from at least 1954 to 1973. "Old San Jose Road" has been the name for other roads in the area, including parts of Highway 17. That might have been part of the reason for the change. —Harlan