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Stair climbing as exercise is getting popular. The claims are everywhere, "...a 15 minute stair climb offers the same workout as 30 minutes running on flat ground and with less impact. " Another says "...walking upstairs for just 6 minutes a day will make you 10 to 15 percent fitter." There are even stair-climbing exercise machines. Stair climbing should not be fast, just consistent. Always use the handrail! What people need is a public access stairway. Here are a few selected in Santa Cruz County. Some beach stairways lead directly to the water or to rocks. Choose your staircase wisely.

Also, consider this: Stair climbing can be a strenuous exercise. Exercise should not be started without first consulting your physician. If a strenuous activity is started without being ready and physically fit, serious health consequences could result. Consult your physician.

Seacliff State Beach

The tallest staircase in the county. About 151 elevations. This staircase is within walking distance of the Aptos Esplanade. There are a few landings with a bench. There is a parking lot at the top. The parking lot requires a fee to enter by vehicle.


Manresa State Beach

There is a staircase leading from the parking lot to the beach. (There is a fee for parking.)Manresa State Beach view from parking lot.

New Brighton State Beach

You can enter New Brighton State Beach by foot from a trail from Park Avenue near where Park Avenue and McGregor Drive join. The vehicle entrance to the park is off McGregor Drive. There is a fee for each vehicle. There is a staircase from the parking lot to the beach. Once on the beach there is a shorter flight of steps. There is also a stair case from the camping area of New Brighton State Beach to the beach. There are several foot paths into New Brighton State Beach.


About 78 elevations from the beach to the parking lot. A short flight of steps at the beach below the parking lot.

Pleasure Point

Slippery when waves are good. At the end of 41st Avenue are steps leading to the bottom of the cliff. Considered a surf access, there is not much of a beach area. The stairs are across the road from Don't use these steps for exercise. They are always slippery and have no handrail. a parking lot.

Downtown Santa Cruz

The view from the landing near the top. not a popular way to get to School Street. There are stairs leading from North Pacific Avenue up to School Street. There are also several parking lots with stairs to other levels.

Walnut Street

This is a public stairway from Walnut Street to Towne Terrace This one on Walnut Street is private property. Be polite and stay off it. Parts of Walnut Steet is on a hill, leading up to Mission Street. The hill itself is good exercise. There is also one set of public stairway.

Mitchell Cove

Off West Cliff Drive. Parking is nearby. A nice set of stairs leading to a nice beach. Be aware of people with pets using the staircase. .

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