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Stevenson College Map

Stevenson College was UCSC's 2nd original college. It is located next to it's sister college, Cowell, with which it shares a dining hall. The current Provost of Stevenson College is Professor Alice Yang.



Stevenson features dorms and apartments, the latter of which are generally reserved for returning students.


Stevenson features 8 different residence halls, named according to number (1-4 are considered 'Upper quad' and 5-8 are considered 'lower quad'). Each quad has an on-site housing advisor, and each residence hall has two students who are designated 'Resident Assistants'. (At other colleges, 'resident assistants" go by a variety of different titles, but ultimately perform the same tasks.)

Each residence hall has:

  • 2 washers and 2 dryers, generally on the 1st and 3rd floors. Currently, 1 regular load of laundry costs $.75 and 45 minutes of drying time costs $.75. Students must provide their own detergent and other laundry products.
  • A bathtub.
  • 2 sets of stairs, one set near the front door and one near the back.
  • 3 bathrooms, 1 per floor. Each The bathrooms are co-ed, with the exception of the single-sex floors (women only). These floors vary from year to year, depending on demand.
  • Two resident assistants.
  • A community lounge, usually outfitted with a TV, some couches, and a table.

Some residences have:

  • Disability access dorms and bathrooms on the first floors (however, there are no elevators in any of the residential buildings). These dorms include additional peepholes on the door at waist level, larger showers and hanicapped bathroom stalls. The disability access dorms are in the upper quad.
  • A kitchenette. Since these are old and are not used particularly frequently, some of the appliances do not work. (for instance, the house 1 oven tends to set off the smoke alarm; the minifridge doesn't work; the pipes sometimes run water that is unexplicably murky and white. However, the stove and microwave work fine.)
  • A soda machine.
  • A one-bedroom apartment inside the residence hall (House 2 and 4, for example).



  • The Stevenson Coffee House is a place many Stevenson students (as well as students from other colleges) spend time socializing, eating, studying, etc.
  • The Stevenson Event Center (also sometimes referred to as the "Stevenson Dining Hall", though it no longer functions as such) holds performances, job fairs, and other campus events. It is also where first-year students attend class for the weekly core course lecture.
  • The Stevenson Knoll overlooks the east field and the Monterey Bay, offering a spectacular view on clear days. When the weather is good, students can often be found napping, studying, tanning, and playing guitar at this location.
  • The Stevenson Gameroom is connected to the Stevenson Coffee House and includes a foosball table, several coin-operated arcade games, tables/chairs, big screen TV and sitting area, and snack and soda vending machines.
  • The Stevenson Library, while not actually a real library, is a quiet place for students to study.




2009-05-08 04:39:25   i was assigned to the one-bedroom apartment inside of house 4 for 08-09 and it SUCKED. i shared the bedroom (which was obviously meant to be a single) with another transfer student. the entire apartment is tiny, but we had the pay the same amount as stevenson students in the newer apartments that are MUCH bigger and nicer. both my roommate and i moved off-campus after the fall quarter. it was such a rip-off, and for some reason it was always like 15 degrees hotter inside the apartment than outside. they seriously need to redo the buildings. —kayla87