931 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4429
Mon-Thu: 4 pm - 11 pm
Fri-Sat: 4 pm - 1 am
Sun: 10 am - 10 pm
(831) 423-POOL 423-7665
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October 2008
Price range
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Payment Method
Cash, credit card.
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They have 16 pool tables, dart boards, and shuffleboard.

Former businesses in this location include The Attic, Western Mountaineering.

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2010-07-30 20:27:38   I checked out "SURF CITY BILLIARDS and CAFE" (Santa Cruz, CA) for the 1st time (7/27/10) and was much impressed, to say the least. I'VE BEEN in Pool Halls even in Europe and this one is amazing. THE MENU from the kitchen has no equal. THE OWNERS also own an upscale restaurant in Santa Cruz. I ENJOYED a $19 Rib-eye with sauteed veggies, string fries and thin fried onions topping the steak ($35 in their restaurant). YES, YOU CAN GET an All-American burger there but I'll bet few order one when they see the incredible dishes that are offered on the menu (also served in their restaurant). Simply, wow. THE PORK for their "Pork Stickers" is smoked for 8 hours on-site. A YOUNG COUPLE joined me in the lounge area and I asked, "Do you also play pool?"..."Actually no, we come here for the food"! THE POOL ROOM has a high ceiling, so they suspended 5 large flat screen TVs in the center of the room!...similar to the score board/jumbo-trons in a basketball stadium. THEY ARE BOUND TOGETHER pentagon style and each tuned to a different sports channel (other screens at the counter and lounge area). ALL THE TABLES are 9 footers with Simonis cloth. The pockets are 5-3/4 inches (okay for a family pool room but too generous for tournaments). THERE'S A NICE AREA for fans fond of throwing sharp objects at a circular board and a 3 leather sofa lounge with coffee table (shuffleboard is also in the lounge). THE SERVICE at the counter is great and friendly and the cook (I'm thinking more like chef) was very nice and creates some great dishes complete with "presentation". I really had a hard time leaving "SURF CITY" but had to, as I had a long drive ahead of me. I'LL BE BAUCH"...as one famous actor once said.

931 Pacific Ave is an upstairs pool hall and is sandwiched between the Blue Lagoon Cocktail Lounge on the ground floor on the left and "Streetlight Records" on the right (the latter is on the corner of Pacific Ave and Elm Street). ENJOY! —