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Surf City Vintners is a group of wineries in close proximity to each other on the Westside. The wineries include: Equinox Champagne Cellar (including Bartolo Wines), Trout Gulch Vineyards, Rexford WinerySilver Mountain Vineyards, Vino Tabi, Sones Cellars, Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard (including Quinta Cruz), Odonata Wines, MJA Vineyards, and Storrs Winery.

The Surf City Vintners group of boutique wineries and tasting rooms offers a vibrant urban wine tasting experience. The individual wineries are in close proximity on the Westside of Santa Cruz on Ingalls Street, Swift Street, and the Old Sash Mill, most in renovated warehouse spaces. The area has become a hip example of urban renewal. The wineries showcase the wines of a group of leading winemakers of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and are small, family-owned and operated local businesses. Visitors often meet and talk directly with the winemakers. The Surf City Vintners wineries include:  Equinox Champagne Cellar/Bartolo Wines; MJA Vineyards; Odonata Wines; Rexford Winery; Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard (including Quinta Cruz); Silver Mountain; Sones Cellars; Storrs Winery and Vineyards; Trout Gulch Vineyards; Vino Tabi. For more information, see the group website at www.surfcityvintners.com.

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