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Swanton is a small unincorporated area on Swanton Road, about 15 miles north on Highway 1 from the City of Santa Cruz. While it appears as a town on some road maps, the area is residential and farmland. The ZIP code is 95017 (the same as Davenport, CA) and residents get their mail addressed as Davenport, CA. Swanton was once an actual stage and railroad stop. It formerly had a post office and an elementary school.

 There are no services and no actual town area. While the USGS does consider it a populated place, the name Swanton is no longer recognized as a valid address with the post office.  It is not considered a Census Designated Place by the Census Bureau. 


This area was named after former resident Fred W. Swanton, the one responsible for building the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.



The only public transportation nearby is Santa Cruz Metro's route 40 on Highway 1.


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