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Swanton Road is hilly in some areas. Road narrows at bridges.

About one-third of a mile past Davenport, California, on the north side of Highway 1 is the start of Swanton Road. It goes inland about one mile and winds back to Highway 1 Northwest from where it started, for a total distance of about 4 miles.

At one time, this road led to the settlement of Swanton. Although still listed on some maps as a town, the area of Swanton is farmland and residential.


Logging trucks use this narrow two-lane road. Caution is advised. There are no bike lanes.

Public Transportation

There is bus service on Highway 1.


Swanton Pacific Ranch has a small railroad built in 1980. The Swanton Pacific Railroad was used to entertain visitors.

Major Intersections

Highway 1@ Swanton Road

Services and Shopping

Aside from some produce sold by a few farms, there is no business activity and no services.

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