Sometimes people talk in so many acronyms that you can't understand what the heck the other person is talking about.  This page is intended to disambiguate all those nutty acronyms that the university uses for brevity's sake.


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AA/PI — Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

ACAO — Associate College Administrative Officer

ACE — Academic Excellence Program

ACF — Advisory Committee for Facilities

AEPi — Alpha Epsilon Pi

AIS — Academic Information Services, their most notable product being

ARC — The Academic Resource Center, home to STARS, EOP and the Learning Center.

ARI — Arts Research Institute



BSN — Black Science Network



CA — Community Assistant. At Kresge they serve as RAs, at College 8 they do community-wide activities not enforcement (there are still RAs), at Oakes they are also student programming workers.

CALPIRG — The California Student Public Interest Research Group

CASFS — The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

CAN — Community Agroecology Network, and less commonly, the Career Advice Network

CBSE — Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering

CC — Community Coordinator, serve a similar role to RAs in the UCSC RV Camper Park

CCRG — Computer Communications Research Group

CenTREAD — Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture and Development

CfAO — Center for Adaptive Optics

CGIRS — Center for Global, International and Regional Studies

ChALE — Chicano(a)s and Latino(a)s Educandose

CITRIS — Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society

CJTC — Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community

CLT — Center for Learning and Teaching

CPS — Counseling and Psychological Services

CRE — Coordinator for Residential Education

CSA — Chinese Student Association

CSC — Campus Sustainability Council, Chabbad Student Club

CSS — Campus Sustainability Subcommittee

CTE — Center for Teaching Excellence

CUIP — Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program

CUSN — Community Unified Student Network



DANM — Digital Arts and New Media

DML — Digital Media Lab

DPP — Deferred Payment Plan, which allows you to pay registration fees at a later date

DRC — Disability Resource Center



E2 (E-Squared) — Engaging Education

EAP — Education Abroad Program

EOP — Educational Opportunities Program

EOPS — Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

EPC — Educational Partnership Center

ER — Employee Request, the system used for hiring students for University jobs.

Eres — Electronic Reserves, a website where teachers can post class readings and other materials

ESLP — Education for Sustainable Living Program



FAFSA — Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA — Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which basically says that no one except you and your college/the university may have access to your grades and transcripts. This means that your parents have no legal right to see their son or daughter's university records, unless the information is subpoenaed by the court.

FOCAN — Friends of the Community Agroecology Network

FSA — Food Service Advisor

FSH — Family Student Housing

FSWG — Food Systems Working Group



GIIP — Global Information Internship Program

GPA — Grade Point Average

GRASE — Group Researching Advances in Software Engineering

GSA — Graduate Student Association



HAVC — History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC majors pronounce it havoc)



IAFR — Institute for Advanced Feminist Research

IC — Instructional Computing

IGPP — Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

IHR — Institute for Humanities Research

ISOSC — International Socialist Organization at Santa Cruz

ISSS — International Scholar and Student Services

ITI — Information Technologies Institute

ITS — Information Technology Services

ISO — Indian Student Organization







LEADS — Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees Program, designed to aid "economically or educationally disadvantaged undergraduates pursuing courses of study in science, mathematics, or engineering and who are likely to succeed in graduate school."




MEChA — Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan

MEEG — Molecular Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics

MERC — Media and Electronic Resource Center



NA — Neighborhood Assistant, the Oakes equivalent of an RA.

NTC — New Teacher's Center

NSBE — National Society of Black Engineers



OIE — Office of International Education

OL — Orientation Leader, help students during move-in and other orientation activities.

OPERS — Office of Physical Education Recreation and Sports



PICA — Program In Community and Agroecology

PTP — Professions Training Program





REU — Research Experiences for Undergraduates, a program funded by the National Science Foundation

ROTC — "Reserve Officer Training Corps," not available at UCSC



SAMA — Slug Anime and Manga Association

SAW — Students Against War

SCCIE — Santa Cruz Center for International Economics

SCIPP — Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

SCPBRG — Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group

SEC — Student Environmental Center

SHO — Sexual Harassment Office

SHOP — Student Health Outreach and Promotion

SIN — Students Informing Now

SOAR — Student Organizations, Advising and Resources

SOE — Jack Baskin School of Engineering

SOS — Students for Organic Solutions

SSC — Shakespeare Santa Cruz

STARS — Services for Transfer and Re-Entry Students

STOP — Students Together Opposing Poverty

SUA — Student Union Assembly

SURF — Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship

SWCJ — Student Worker Coalition for Justice





UCCS — UC Center in Sacramento

UCUES — University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey, a survey administered at all UC campuses during the spring quarter in order to obtain information about student life and academics

UCO — University of California Observatories

UCOP — University of California Office of the President












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