1003 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz
Downtown, next to Planet Fresh
Happy Hour: 4:30 PM — 6:00 PM
Last Call between 1:15 AM and 1:45 AM
(831) 426-2994
(Names of owners/proprietors here)
Date, i.e. MM-DD-YYYY.
Payment Method
Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card

The Red Room is the seedy downstairs compliment to Red. Drinks are typically $1 cheaper downstairs. Also, feel free to light up a cigarette downstairs (use the candles as ash trays), but don't bother asking the bartenders if you can smoke — they'll all give the same canned answer that "It's illegal to smoke in bars in California." The jukebox downstairs offers a lot of good non-mainstream tunes, but it is typically inundated with songs selected by the staff and various patrons, so be wary of dropping quarters on music if you're just going to down a couple drinks and move on to another bar.

Crowds are usually pretty tolerable Sunday through Wednesday, but pick up considerably on Thursdays thanks to the general lack of Friday-morning classes at UCSC. Friday and Saturday nights at The Red Room and Red are almost always packed, so expect to wait a while for your drinks and don't expect to find a place to sit (especially if you're in a large group).

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2009-05-08 04:50:47   Went to the Red Room on a Sunday afternoon, wasn't crowded, bartender was cool, a pretty good experience. It probably also helped that it was winter break. Once went to the upstairs on a weekend and left immediately . . . ugh. —kayla87