"North Pacific Avenue & Water Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060", "36.977156", "-122.026925"
8 am - 1 am.
Dedication Date
4th of July, 1976
Historical Info
Town Clock
Water fountain

The current clock was originally part of a building on Pacific Avenue. When the building was modernized in 1964, the owners sold the clock to the city for one dollar. The clock remained in storage for about a decade. As a way to get funding for a clock tower, the plan was presented as a bicentennial project for 1976. For a fee, a person or organization could have their name on a blue brick on the structure. The structure was built over the Morris Memorial Fountain on city land. In the early 1990's a plaque in honor of people who died in the 1989 earthquake was attached to the tower.

IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN THE LOMA PRIETA EARTHQUAKE OF OCTOBER 17, 1989. The Bicentennial Commission bought a brick. San Diego Federal Savings changed its name and later moved out of Santa Cruz.

The sculpture Collateral Damage: A Reality of War is next to the clock

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