Tom Goldrup, a 4th generation Californian, has performed as an actor in the Santa Cruz area for over 30 years. He has  acted with such companies as Mountain Community Theater, Lillian Moraru  Jewish Theatre; Golden Crow Theater; Shakespeare Santa Cruz; Helping Hams; Fightback Productions, and others. He is an actor and co-producer with Wolfwind Productions, a motion picture company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also co-authored several books with his brother Jim (Growing Up On The Set and Encyclopedia of the Feature Players of Hollywood, Volumes One through Three). When not acting or writing, Tom enjoys traveling abroad to such places as Nepal, India, Peru, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Ukraine  and elsewhere.

His latest plays include It's a Wonderful Life (as Mr. Potter), Beau Stratagem, in which he played the character Mr. Gloss, a highwayman who also performs as chaplain of the Militia; Monty Python's Spamalot as the Swamp King, and in 2018 as The Soothsayer in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar.". These plays were performed for Mountain Community Theater at Park Hall in Ben Lomond, California. He also has the running part of Prospector Pete in the on-line comedy series, Rabbit Ears which will soon be available on Amazon Prime.. 

From 2015 until May 2016 Tom has acted in several films: a 45 minute version of Romeo and Juliet titled Verona for a local film company; three student short films from the University of California Santa Cruz and in June of 2016 co-starred as "Matthew Wind" in the Wolfwind Production feature film, "The Last Bell...The First of Many" which was filmed on location in Salt Lake City and Lehi, Utah. In August 2016 he appeared in an episode for "Rabbit Ears" on location on the famous Potemkin Stairs in Odessa, Ukraine.. He has been cast to perform in the film "The Fighting Preacher" which is scheduled to film in Utah during the summer of 2018.