• Oakland International Airport (Code letters "OAK") Serves USA (continental states plus Hawaii) and Mexico directly.
  • San Francisco International Airport (Code letters "SFO") One of the USA's busiest airports, has direct flights to Asia, Europe, Central America, Latin America, New Zealand/Australia, plus Canada and domestic flights.
  • San Jose International Airport (Code letters "SJC") Serves USA (continental states plus Hawaii) and Mexico directly. This is the closest commercial airport to Santa Cruz.
  • Monterey Peninsula Airport (Code letters "MRY") Non-stop destinations include: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego (CA); Phoenix (AZ), Las Vegas (NV), Denver (CO), and Honolulu (HI).  Plus connecting flights to the rest of the world.

General Aviation

  • Watsonville Municipal Airport - For private and corporate planes, chartered flights, and aviation training- generally does not offer commercial flights.


  • Bonny Doon Village Airport - Privately owned airport located at 8647 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. FAA designates this airport as CL77.
  • Las Trancas Airport - Privately owned by Big Creek Lumber Company.  The gravel runway is located across from 3564 Highway 1, Davenport, CA  95017.  FAA identifier: 17CL.
  • Monterey Bay Academy Airport - Privately owned.  The dirt runway is located at 783 San Andreas Road,
    La Selva Beach, CA 95076.  FAA identifier: CA66.

Airport Transport Services

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Expired Airports

Sky Park Airport Santa Cruz Sky Park Airport, was located in Scotts Valley from 1947-1983.  Airport was purchased by the city of Santa Cruz in 1962.   It has the unique distinction of being the site where Apple Computer Co-Founder Steve Wozniak crashed his v-tail Beechcraft Bonanza on takeoff for a flight to San Diego with three passengers aboard. He received facial injuries and had temporary short-term memory loss for five weeks following the accident.

Hilton Airport Private landing strip about three miles from Boulder Creek. Built about 1939, it was later abandoned and then absorbed into Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club. It was owned (and used) by Harold Hilton. At least one map labeled it Hamilton Airport (in error). Also known as Boulder Creek Airport.

Capitola Airport Located between Monterey Avenue and Park Avenue, south of Highway 1. The land was leased from the Hihn family. Part of it was sublet to the National Guard. First landing strip was built in 1923. It was officially named Santa Cruz Municipal Airport in 1941. The airport was in use until 1954. It was also called the Capitola-Santa Cruz Airport.



Rail Transit

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Nearby Local Public Transit Systems

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Trip Planning and Links

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