There are several places students can look if they need or would like additional help with classwork. The services are more heavily weighed towards math and science classes, as well as for people with learning disabilities and transfer/reentry students.

Academic Excellence Program (ACE)

Who is eligible: Any student in specific math and science courses. Preference given to EOP students (see below) or students from a disadvantaged background.

Type of support: Guided study groups as a replacement for regular sections

This program is designed to create guided study groups for students in beginning math and science classes (including engineering). Applications to the program are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Instead of meeting for the regularly assigned course sections, students accepted in the program meet for about 4 hours per week of supplemental instruction. Attendance is mandatory.

Academic Success Workshops

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Who is eligible: Students who have been designated by the center as "learning disabled". Other services are also available for students with physical or mental impairment. Students who are not "certified disabled" can request to be evaluated for learning disabilities.

Type of support: Depends what your disability is. Services available for different disabilities include note takers, audio recordings of textbooks, use of adaptive technology centers on campus

Educational Opportunities Program (EOP)

Learning Support Services: Tutoring

Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI)

Open to: Students in specific beginning math, chemistry, computer science, economics, psychology, sociology, biology and physics classes.

This program provides learning assistants to small groups of students taking classes which students (especially underclassmen) have a higher rate of doing poorly or are needed for a sequence of classes.

Office Hours

Services for Transfer And Re-entry Students (STARS)