Stairs into The Village The UCSC Village or "The Village" (not to be confused with Capitola Village) is an on-campus housing community for continuing and transfer students. It is located in the UCSC Lower Quarry, between Hagar Drive and the Great Meadow. The community is comprised of five quads, lettered A through F, plus a communal kitchen and a laundry/community room. The A-quad is used for the agroecology program and the Community Agroecology Network, and thus is not used as housing. The village housing office is located in the B quad. It is one of the least expensive housing options on campus, with a single room costing about $1033 per month (no meal plan included). For comparison, a single room in an on-campus apartment (with 55 meals-per quarter meal plan) costs about $1,537 per month. The Gulch, where bobcats sometimes chill out UCSC Village Map UCSC Housing Website: The Village

The Houses

Each house has 9 single rooms, 3 bathrooms (one of which is handicap-accessible), and a kitchenette. The houses themselves are temporary mobile units, not permanent like many of the other housing choices on campus. Thus, the houses lack the same level of insulation as other campus buildings.

Safety and Residential Services

Residential Programming

Program In Community and Agroecology

Why Does the UCSC Village Cost So Much Less?

  • The houses are temporary buildings, not permanent ones, and have less sound and weather insulation.
  • There is no cleaning service for the houses — each house works out an agreement at the beginning of the school year to negotiate house chores, and weekly cleaning inspections (of common areas only, not private rooms) must be passed. Residential services provides all cleaning supplies, including mops, brooms and vacuum cleaners.

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