This entry refers to a departed business — a business that has closed or left town. Information here is mostly for historical reference.

Former Location
380 El Pueblo Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066-4248
(831) 438-6680
Former Owners
Charles "Chuck" Peddle
Local Business Lifespan

Victor Square in Scotts Valley is named for Victor Technologies. The road was formerly Elmo Drive, named for Elmo Garrison who owned much of the property along the road. Victor Technologies gave Mr. Garrison a Victor 9000 computer.

Victor Technology design and manufactures calculators and the Victor computer. The Scotts Valley location was wholly concerned with the Victor 9000 Computer.

The Victor 9000 / Sirius S1 was conceived by Chuck Peddle who also designed the first Commodore PETs. It was known as the Sirius S1 in Europe. The current Victor logo comes from Sirius Systems Technologies when they joined Victor. The Victor 9000 had advance features for the time. (Visit to learn details.) Although a better computer than the IBM and clones, the Victor 9000 was also more expensive.

Victor — an American company — was acquired by Kidde Inc. (a Swedish company) as a subsidiary in 1977. Kidde is pronounced "Kid-duh."

In 1980, Victor capitalized Sirius Systems Technologies for exclusive rights to the computer. Sirius was located in Scotts Valley, California. After 1980, Sirius Systems Technologies was acquired by Victor and became Victor Technologies. In 1982, Sirius acquired Victor from Kidde, Inc. In 1984 Victor Technologies declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In August 1984, an agreement was made with Datatronic AB of Sweden to purchase 90% of Victor Technologies, Inc. Victor’s parent company, Datatronic AB was sold to Proventus AB, a Swedish company. They in turn sold the Victor Computer Division to Tandy Corporation. By 1988 Victor was only making calculators. In 1991 the calculator division was bought from Kidde by the management within Victor, and Victor became a US company again. The headquarters of Victor Technology is in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

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