Voyage of the Heart
Year Released
Mark Schwartz
Drama, Romance
Specific Locations of Filming
Santa Cruz, Capitola, Moss Landing

Brief Synopsis

Voyage of the Heart is a story about a college student doing a research paper on the fishing industry on the California coast. She meets up with an old Italian fisherman, becoming his deck hand on his fishing boat. They gradually become friends. This film was written by Geoffrey Dunn. It was titled "Maddalena Z" when it was originally released in 1989 for the film festival circuit. the theatrical release in 1991 was under the title "Voyage of the Heart".

Cast includes: Bill Ackridge, Dunja Djordjevic, Geoffrey Dunn, Liz Rolfe, Jeremy Slate, Deborah Gray, Lorna Ho, Gene Matisoff.

Scenes Prominently Featuring Local Locations

Various locations in Santa Cruz County, Moss Landing harbor, Monterey Bay, UCSC, and Capitola.

Overall Effects of the Film Locally

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2010-09-19 17:59:48   A fair amount of this movie was shot inside Brady's yacht club 413 seabright ave. —