Names of artists.

Ea Eckeran

Jim Urban


The Side of Putney & Perry Building

325 Front Street, Santa Cruz

not yet

Description of Work

The red at the right is a result of changing the photo to even the perspective. The image in in Maple Alley.

The left corner of the Mural says:

" The health of out watersheds affect all aspets of life, here on the Central Coast.  They are the driving force that connects humans to the natural environment.  Watersheds provide us drinking water, and are the link between life on land and life in the sea.  They must be protected and kept clean.  As you take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this mural, think about where you stand in the watershed.  How can you help protect out most valuable resource?"

Sponsors include the Cultural council of Santa Cruz County and City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency.


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