West Cliff Drive (or West Cliff for short) runs mostly west-east from Depot Park, along Monterey Bay, past Lighthouse Field State Beach, and finally ending at Swanton Boulevard (next to Natural Bridges State Beach). It's usually overrun with sightseers, thanks in part to its pet friendly walking trails that offer beautiful views.

The intersection where West Cliff Drive starts. (Across the street, left up the hill) Looking towards Cypress Point on West Cliff Drive

Traffic Conditions

The street is one lane going either way, with little extra room to spare, so watch out for people unloading surfboards and whatnot. Speed is pretty slow, since the road winds along with the coast, as well as people dawdling while taking scenic drives. If you want a beautiful drive, this is your road; if you want to get somewhere quick, taking Delaware Avenue is probably a better bet.


It's very bike-friendly, thanks to the dedicated bike/pedestrian lanes. Look out for people who aren't paying attention!

Public Transportation

There are no buses that go along West Cliff, probably due to the windiness of the road. However, the 3 route serves Natural Bridges, and the 7 route serves Lighthouse State Beach and surrounding areas.


Major Intersections

Museums and City Services


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