X-PLOCEAN, as it was being built

Piece Title
X-PLOCEAN, Our Plastic Ocean
Name(s) of Artist(s)
Kirby Scudder, Community Volunteers
Commissioned By
Santa Cruz Institute Of Contemporary Arts
Recycled and Re-used Plastic Waste Materials
Next to the Dead Cow Gallery at the Tannery Arts Center
Installation Date

X-Plocean, Our Plastic Ocean was a community art project that hoped to raise awareness about the The North Pacific Gyre, a giant collection of garbage and plastic waste that is located between San Francisco and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. Also known as the Eastern Garbage Patch, the Asian Trash Trail and the Trash Vortex, it is a giant mass of garbage that is twice the size of the state of Texas, and is created by currents drawing in litter that originated in this country and others. To illustrate exactly how large it is, artists and community members led by Kirby Scudder built a 25 foot tall globe that intended to show on it the exact size and location of the Gyre. It was all made out of recycled and reused plastic waste materials. The project was featured in a cover story about it in Good Times, but it was never completed and was dismantled in early 2009.

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