Younger Lagoon is part of the University of California Natural Reserve System. It became part of UCSC in 1973 as part of 40 acres donated by the Younger family.  The lagoon is about 25 acres in size.

With beach access to the ocean, the lagoon is consider brackish water (a mixture of salt and fresh water.)  Younger Lagoon is home to about 100 critters, and is an important wetland for birds.

Access is limited to 24 tours a year by the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and students who study the area and help remove invasive plants. The area is otherwise closed to the public





Google view of Younger Lagoon, 2014. Bing view of a dry Younger Lagoon, 2012.

Plaque honoring Donald and Marion Younger.


Younger Lagoon April 2015.


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