Proposed Title: iPod Isolation Artist/Author: Anonymous Location: Hanging from a wall on the exterior of a Kresge College dorm building Date Found: 02/06/07 Recent status: Taken down

Text: ISOLATION that song won't cure your loneliness this time either We are all deafened by the relentless forward march of technological "progress", each new product masquerading as the key to a fulfilling existence serves only to separate us from one another and to block out any unapproved stimuli. We sit blank faced on the bus like prisoners with private color T.V.s. Learn to prefer the isolation of an atomic existence over genuine human contact. If we could turn down the white-wired cacophony then perhaps we can begin to bear the chorus of discontent all joined in screaming TECHNOLOGY ISN'T NATURAL, IT'S THE FINGERS IN OUR EARS AND THE CORD AROUND OUR NECKS

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