Piece Title
The Wheel
Name(s) of Artist(s)
H. H. Winner
Commissioned By
Pajaro Valley Bank
Well Fargo Bank 326 Main St. Watsonville, CA
Installation Date


Description of Work

The art was designed by H. H. Winner who was also the architect of the building. In 1939. Pajaro Valley Bank  (1888-1961) had the building built on the site of their previous office.

According to H. H. Winner: "The wheel, mechanically energized, has removed heavy labor - the cross - from the backs of man.  To the right  and left of the wheel carry the cross. Right, a man holds in his hands the tools of reciprocal action - the sledge hammer and shovel. "

The wheel has a few rays of the sun from behind. The man on the left holds a hammer and a slide rule. Important basic tools for building. (Slide rules have been replaced by the electric calculator.)

In 1961 Wells Fargo bought the bank and continued to use the building.


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