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There are two streets in Santa Cruz County named Washington Street.

1. In Santa Cruz.

Washington Street, in Santa Cruz, is one-way going south for one block. Washington Street in Watsonville has a jog on Tuttle Avenie.

Washington Street starts near 120 Center Street at the north border of Depot Park. It starts east and turns north. It continues north and ends at Lincoln Street. While the addresses are numbered in that direction, Washington Street is one-way going SOUTH between Maple Street and Laurel Street. It is important to notice that when turning from Washington Street on to Laurel Street ONLY a RIGHT TURN is allowed. It is not possible to drive across Laurel Street at Washington Street. Washington Street in Santa Cruz is named for the first president of the United States.

Bike-Friendliness Traffic is light. There are no bike lanes. Area is mostly residential. Public Transportation No bus stops on Washington Street. Bus line is on Laurel Street which crosses Washington Street.

Landmarks Depot Park Laurel Park

Intersections Major intersection is Laurel Street @ Washington Street.

Businesses & Services Santa Cruz Police Department is on Center Street. Washington Street is within walking distance of downtown.

2. In Watsonville

Washington Street in Watsonville is named for the State of Washington. Starts at Rogers Avenue goes northwest to Tuttle Avenue. To continue on Washington Street, requires a turn east on Tuttle Avenue and then North onto the other part of Washington street. It ends at a short cul de sac the other side of Martinelli Street.


Traffic is light. There are no bike lanes. Area is residential.

Public Transportation

No bus stops.


None. Area is residential.


Martinelli Avenue @ Washington Street. Tuttle Avenue @ Washington Street.

Businesses & Services

Macquiddy Elementary School is near Washington Street.

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