Northern Lights Therapy Service

The Old School Rooms

Albermarle Baptist Church

Albermarle Crescent


United Kingdom

YO11 1XX

07548 948954
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Who we are:

Northern Lights consists of a group of experienced psychotherapists, art psychotherapists, counsellors, youth workers and supporters who have worked together for a number of years. We focus primarily on work with people who have experienced or been affected by the traumas of abuse, including sexual abuse and violence, domestic abuse and violence and/or any other imposed or controlling behaviour that may have limited or diminished your quality of life.

We offer a wide range of creative therapies:


Creative Art Therapies 

– for those people who find it difficult to express themselves with words and for whom the talking therapies would feel overwhelming and inappropriate, we offer creative art therapies by qualified therapists.


Psychotherapy and counselling

- we offer a wide range of talking therapies. Unique to our service is that we are able to meet your needs both in terms of the length that you require your therapy and the type of therapy which best fits you.


The Domino Effect

-  we are acutely aware that any one action of abuse has a ripple  effect throughout relationships, families and even communities. We offer a range of groups, workshops, therapies and training to all those who feel  that they have been impacted by abuse or those working within the field.