While there are plenty of drivers around, there are some other options!

Bus: Sonoma County Transit has a few routes through town that can take you to local destinations as well as Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and elsewhere in Sonoma County.

School Buses are run by the West County Transportation Agency

Trails: The West County Trail and Joe Rodota Trail (map)

Walk: There are some nice walks and paths around Sebastopol, Cittaslow is a local group working on improving walkability among other things with The Sebastopol Ped Line: A pilot project involving three color-coded, self-guided walking tours to encourage visitors in particular to get out of the car and walk while they are in town. The routes went from the Plaza to three area attractions (the Laguna, Ives Park, the Florence Avenue Art Walk). There was also support for this project from iWalk Sebastopol, Complete Streets, the Core Project, Studio L'Image.

Bike: Some parts of Sebastopol are great to bike! The Joe Rodota Trail can take you to Santa Rosa and the West County Trail goes to Forrestville. There is at least one local Bike Shop these days and a few community groups that like to ride. The Sebastopol Trail Makers are working on getting two new bike paths made. Check out the Biking page for more Bike info.