2000 Mission Street, at 16th
Muni Metro connection
14, 49, 53, 33, 22
Northeast intersection of 16th and Mission

A bike ramp. At 16th and Mission, this is one of two BART stations in the Mission, the other being on 24th Street. This station has a pair of bike ramps along one set of stairs so bicyclists don't have to carry them all the way up. Also it has racks inside the turnstile to which you can lock your bike if you bike to the BART but don't need to bike at your destination.

A Walgreens is located adjacent to the station. Other nearby shopping includes an awesome thrift store, Thrift Town, and a basement fabric store with great selection (walk to 17th St).

Every Thursday, at the 16th & Mission BART Station, the CAI hosts the city's only mic-less open mic. Performers include poets, musicians, comedians, dancers, spoken word, lyricists, fire jugglers, etc. etc. etc. There is no sign-up and no money - everyone is welcome. It starts at 9:30 p.m. and runs to midnight.

Efforts at improving the area, related to the potential development at 1979 Mission Street (16th and Mission)Clean up the Plaza and Plaza 16 Coalition.