Blake Benthall is the alleged secret operator of the digital drug / black market known as "Silk Road 2.0"  He is also a resident of San Francisco since 20091, living in the Mission District on Florida Street at the time of his arrest.  During Nov. 5-6th, 2014, Benthall's Florida Street apartment and cars were searched by FBI agents, and Benthall was arrested.

He apparently owned a Telsa Model S which he allegedly bought using $70,000 worth of bitcoins.

He also ate $4 artisanal toast (picture) and worked at Space X before leaving to pursue other ventures.  Benthall attended the Hacktivation for the Homeless in March of 2014.

Most interestingly, the alleged secret operator of the original Silk Road black market site, Ross William Ulbricht, also lived in San Francisco and was arrested in 2013 while at the Glen Park public library.

Please note: the map location given is an approximate location, based on the address contained in this photograph.

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1. Source: Facebook album of his entitled "San Francisco - the first two weeks"