The characteristic Boogaloo waiting-to-be-seated crowd. (2007)

3296 22nd Street , at Valencia Street
8 am - 3 pm daily
Business: (415) 824-3211
To go: (415) 824-4088
(Date, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD)
Payment Method
Cash, Visa, Mastercard
Wheelchair Access
When the restaurant is crowded, access in a chair would be a huge pain. Tables are really close together. The bathroom is tiny and narrow. So take warning.

Boogaloos is a hip and popular breakfast restaurant in The Mission. Boogaloos' building used to be a pharmacy, and they keep the characteristic signage on the place. They serve non-breakfast food, too, but most everyone comes here for their breakfast, especially since they stop serving at 3.

Boogaloos can get really packed on the weekends, and there's usually a bunch of folks crowding the sidewalk around the entrance waiting to be seated.

If you use your cell phone while eating here they'll charge you for it!

Their fancied-up Central American breakfast food, like platanos and black beans, is yummy.