Cooperatives, also known as co-ops, are organizations that are owned by their members and are operated democratically. Co-ops in San Francisco are listed below.

Financial Cooperatives

Housing cooperatives

Hacker Cooperatives

Worker cooperatives


Cohousing, another form of cooperative housing, involves some individual ownership along with commonly held property that is used for community meals, gardening and play space, spa/saunas, and other mutually satisfying purposes.

Membership-based cooperatives

More info

  • The San Francisco Bay Area Cooperative Housing Directory (a wiki!) can be found here.
  • The Network of Bay Area Workers Cooperatives (NoBAWC) is an organization that supports the efforts of cooperatives in the Bay Area. Its website contains a list of nearby worker co-ops.
  • East Bay Cohousing provides outreach, community, and education to groups interested in creating cohousing in the Urban East Bay. See its website for details.