Divisadero is a street that runs North-South from Haight Street to the Marina. On the North side it runs into the Bay, while on the South side it turns into Castro Street.

The region surrounding Divisadero, roughly from Haight to Geary, is often referred to as the "Divisadero Corridor."  This region is also sometimes referred to as NOPA.

The name, Divisadero, is Spanish for a lookout point on top of a tall hill, and likely refers to Lone Mountain.  The name was first used to describe the street on a 1956 map of Western Addition.  The name Divisadero may also refer to the "dividing" line between the city and the then Presidio, which was at the time larger and extended to Divisadero Street. (source)


While do-able, bikes are not recommended on Divisadero. Boy oh boy does it get steep in places and there's almost constant heavy traffic, plus delivery trucks and the risk of getting "doored" by someone exiting a rideshare to patronize one of the street's many businesses. Instead, take a parallel street. Uptown Almanac thinks it's a dick move to bike there.

Public Transportation

The 24 MUNI Bus runs North-South on Divisadero between Haight and Jackson.


Rumored to be the dividing line between the sunny part of San Francisco, and the foggy part of San Francisco.

Major Intersections

Divisadero and Geary.

Restaurants and Shopping

Divisadero features the heart of the NOPA district between Fell and Geary streets.

On Sundays, you can find the Divisadero Farmers Market at the intersection of Divisadero and Grove Street.


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