Frank Chu is a notorious local eccentric who has gained wide notority for his vibrant array of completely insane signs. Alternatively: Frank Chu is the only one who makes any sense. Everybody ELSE is crazy. Frank Chu is on a crusade to expose Bill Clinton and other top secret identities involved with the goings-on of the 12 galaxies. Frank Chu is a Hollywood movie star, but the CIA has kept the films secret from Frank Chu for unknown nefarious reasons.

12 Galaxies the club was named after the trademark "12 Galaxies" line on his signs. The 12 galaxies are:

  1. The Quintronic Society
  2. Quadronic Rocket Society
  3. Tetratronic
  4. Space Vacations
  5. Betatronic - the galaxy with the Soviet presidents
  6. Flying Saucers
  7. The Alphatronic
  8. Rocket Vacations
  9. Asteroid Society
  10. Android Planets
  11. Humanoid Society
  12. Humans

These 12 galaxies are only the guilty galaxies. The other 13 through 100 trillion galaxies are innocent bystanders.

Frank Chu rents out the backside of his signs to make money. The Laughing Squid was paying him $700/month.