3159 16th Street
Usually bar-like hours, but often closes around midnight?
(415) 560-0137
Daniel Hawkins
Payment Method
Cash only. ATM inside

Gestalt Haus is a bar on 16th street in the mission. They serve beer and sausages (vegan available).

The selection of beers is really high quality, with a number of more unusual German brews. They also do you (and your wallet) the favor of serving half liters.

Sometime in 2008 or 2009, Gestalt went through a substantial renovation, possibly coinciding with their ownership change. They took down the taxidermy, painted everything red, put art up on the walls and put in some weird hanging lights. The change was seemingly to attract a wider crowd, also evidence by the pumping jams on weekends in contrast to the lower-volume jukebox the bar originally had.

The original founders of Gestalt Haus set up a new place in Fairfax, keeping the bike-centricism and indoor bike racks the SF Gestalt originally had.

The spot was previous occupied by Cafe la Onda, which is where Gestalt probably inherited their beer-and-wine-only license. CABC license database entry.

Gestalt in 2008