Do you often find your deep self-reflection suddenly interrupted by a Google sighting?

Google Glass at the local bar, Google Shopping Express cars parked over crosswalks, shuttles blocking your MUNI commute, Google sweater-clad armies returning home from work,...tell us about your everyday sightings!

This Google Express car was found parked on top of a crosswalk on Harrison and 23rd on August 5th, 2014.
(Photo CC0 by eekiv)

  • The other day while strolling down Harrison, I noticed a Google Shopping Express car parked with its floodlights on in the middle of a crosswalk. My gut reaction was to take a picture to show the Internet another example of a tech company's blatant colonization and disrespect for public space. I thought it was ridiculous that it was parked right on the corner, blocking pedestrians and creating a blind spot for turning cars. When I thought about it more though, I figured I would do the same thing if I was in a rush (plus, it was a pretty quiet part of the day). But then again, if you're representing Google in this hot political climate, you should probably be more mindful. My favorite result of all this was the reaction from people in a passing car: "yeaaah, fvck Google!".