Tending to plants needed by the Green Hairstreak butterfly. Photo courtesy Nature for the City (Copyright).

The Green Hairstreak Butterfly Corridor is an area of land, starting in the mid-Sunset and extending down to Hawk Hill Park, designed to be habitable to the locally-endangered Green Hairstreak Butterfly.  The Green Hairstreak butterfly can only fly a few hundred feet from its original habitat, so creating a range of habitable land for the butterfly is essential to its survival.

The corridor itself is a set of strategically placed plants, placed throughout parks and other green space.

The project was started in 2006 by lepidopterist Liam O'Brien and is currently maintained by Nature in the City.

The map on this page shows only the rough area of coverage of the corridor. For a more complete map, please see this link. (We can also add the spots here on LocalWiki, too!)

The areas

Natural areas

Kids in Parks areas

Street Parks

  • 12th Ave & Pacheco,
  • 14th Ave & Pacheo
  • Aerial Steps
  • 15th Ave & Noriega
  • 14th Ave & Noriega
  • Quintara Steps
  • Aloha & Lomita
  • Mount Steps, Noriega & 14th Ave

Proposed Street Parks

  • Mandalay Steps
  • Quintara Steps
  • Hidden Garden Steps
  • Mount Steps
  • 16th Ave. Tiled Steps

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