752 Columbus Ave (at Greenwich)
Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (but I would call and check as she goes out of town sometimes)
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This tiny place is a gem in an otherwise overpriced dining area. The same lady is always working and she is always smiling. If you go frequently enough, she starts to throw in little extra free goodies (I got to try the curry vegan burger for free!). The sandwiches are little droplets of heaven all rolled-up in wax paper.

The trick is to call in advance to get your order. Enough people know about this treat, and she IS the only one making the sandwiches. Call ahead and head over in twenty minutes.

Seating is funny. There are two indoor tables and some chairs outside, but it's close enough to Washington Square Park that you could just mosey up a few blocks and lay out with the locals.

You can see the menu on http://www.menupages.com.