3416 19th St San Francisco, CA 94110

*By Advanced Ticket Reservation Only*
6–11 PM Tuesday-Saturday
Closed Monday-Sunday
(415) 874-9921
September 2014
Price range
$145 and $175 per person depending on day and time, for 14+ courses.
Beverage pairings are available at an additional $85.
Payment Methods
email tickets@lazybearsf.com for more information
Wheelchair accessibility
email tickets@lazybearsf.com for more information

From Lazy Bear's website, FAQ section:

"What do you mean by “communal dining experience?”
Lazy Bear is a dinner party. It starts with snacks and mingling upstairs in the living room. Eventually we seat all of our diners at long communal tables, and serve and explain each course to the entire dining room at once. That means pacing is sometimes a little faster or slower than might be ideal for your group, and sometimes our explanations might interrupt your conversation a bit. But we think it’s worth it for the shared experience this format creates." http://www.lazybearsf.com/faqs/


Lazy Bear received it's second Michelin Star for 2017 and is a Top 13 Restaurant according to Mission Merchants ranking system: http://www.missionmerchants.org/top13