Lennar Corporation (Wikipedia) is a housing developer that has been found and accused of developing housing over industrial and military waste sites despite knowledge that they would be putting their residents in danger. In typical fashion, their developments disproportionately effect poor folks and people of color.

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Examples of abuse

  • Hunters Point Shipyard Development: Lennar Corp. built a housing development in Hunters Point right over the decommissioned Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. This is a "Superfund Site", or a place that the federal government has designated as a major toxic waste site that they apply funds to for its cleanup (for another example of a superfund site, read about the one in West Oakland). In the case of this site, the waste in question is nuclear: ships would be sent out into the Pacific to test nuclear arms, and then would return to port covered in nuclear residue. This residue would be hosed off at the base, effectively contaminating the entire base and the area surrounding it. Black residents of Hunters Point have accused the city of exposing youth to toxic dust and pushing black folks out of the city center and into the worst possible real estate in San Francisco in the desire to gentrify San Francisco.
  • This same corporation built housing developments in Florida over sinkholes that had been filled with toxic waste.
  • They have also been accused of building homes over former military weapon testing ranges that still contain live rockets and bombs.

Who are these people?

  • Keith Jackson, a former education official for the city, was a representative of Lennar Corporation. He is one of the people arrested in late March, 2014, in an anti-corruption sting for his role in a murder-for-hire scheme. More on that on the SF Chronicle.